About Bright Lights

Established in 2001, Bright Cable Corporation has gained an admirable position in wholesale trading and distributing of Outdoors LED Light, Indoor LED Light, Hanging Light, Underwater Light, Underground Light, LED Bulb, CFL Light, LED Tubelights, Decorative Fans, Decorative Lamp and many more. These products are enormously admired due to their effortless operations, heat and water resistance, longer operational life, top performance, low maintenance and nominal prices. Our offered products are made using the industry approved component and advanced technology.



Our ecommerce performances we measured by its results.because without results Irrelevant. We develope  sustainable Solutions that stand out through innovation.




An understanding of the needs of our customers and the knowledge about the possibilities of technology affects equally the concept the visual design and the it process.




Only what works, can we sucessful, we supports our customers with the on going maintenance,the daily shop flege and in the control of marketing…




 LEDLUM (Tiny Light Engine for Large Scale LED Lighting) will make major improvements to the volume, the weight, the lifetime and the size of the driver (electrical engine) of light emitting diodes (LED), that are used….


We manufacture single color LED light strip, 3 watt walkover LED lights etc. to different segments including star hotels, shopping malls, multiplexes, corporate offices, dance clubs and commercial complexes.


 EGLO is one of the most successful providers worldwide of decorative lighting solution for residential purposes. This success is the best proof for the customer satisfaction, and we have every reason to be very proud of that.


Jaquar Lighting brings youan exquisite new collection of decorative lighting,stunningly created in the latest, contemporary styles.The very best of International design andcraftsmanship merge to bring a unique….


PRISHA ILLUMINATION is  about precision.In fact,it embraces precision as a given,while building in flexibility.With over 12 years of experience in lighting industry especially retailing…


What PLUS LIGHT TECH has been doing for years with such success in retail lighting applies equally to other sectors.TRIX is an enterprising initiative by PLUS, dwelling on the vast experience and…..


Samson lighting, India’s leading led lighting company has a 45 year history of innovation and energy saving developments in the field of lighting. 45 years of our time in this field is a testament to our incomparable product…


Saffron creates beautiful, efficient, smart LED lighting. We explore the unobvious ways in which lighting can make life easier, better, and brighter.We create long-lasting LED light bulbs that pay for themselves….


Aura Light provides lighting that is smart; sustainable, economical, long lasting, high quality and environmentally friendly. We call it Brighter Lighting. Our sustainable lighting solutions enable professional……


TISVA, inspired by the concept of Tvisa (light) and Tattva (essence) was launched in April 2014. True to its name, Tisva goes beyond ordinary lighting concepts and brings forth a collection of aesthetic….